Sunday, September 6, 2009

Boomsday - 2009

Tonight we decided to introduce Jocelyn to the best firework show in the US. At least thats what Ive heard. It's always quite an adventure since the crowds are unbelievable and the show itself is super loud, yet amazing. On the 4th of July Jocelyn got to see a smaller fireworks show, but this one kind of took her by surprise at first. She definitely wasnt sure what to think about it.

By the end of the night after the hike back to the car...we were quite sweaty and lookin kinda rough. But it was a fun night!

The Wilson Family, so glad got to experience this night with them.

Super Dads! They carried Jocelyn and Reece through all the crowds on there shoulders.
Pre-firework show. Jocelyn was pretty pumped!
Both Joc & Reece listened intently as I tried my best to prepare them for what was ahead.
Unfortunately, I wasnt able to prepare her enough. She was glued to me for a the first few minutes of the show. But eventually was able to relax just a bit and enjoy it.
Reece was loving! So precious.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Family Adventure Day

Today we had a Fulmer Family Adventure Day!
Jocelyn very badly wanted to get in the streams that she saw as we were traveling through the mountains. So we decided to pull over and make our way down to the water. We found a perfect little area where she could see rapids and yet there was a very shallow and safe pool area that she could stand in.
Yes, we were using the timer trying to get a good family picture. Didnt turn out so well. And yes, I didn hike down the mountain and climb over lots of rocks and then back up again in a dress and sandles.
Does it get any cuter than this?
Loving it! She's my kind girl. Always up for an adventure.

Part 1 of the Fulmer Family Adventure Day!

Jeffry always passes the Tuckaleeche caverns in Townsend on his way to doing retreats for the church. Since crawling in holes in the ground is something we have always enjoyed doing, we thought it would be fun to bring Jocelyn to her first cavern.
I think her favorate thing about the cavern was the man made wishing well. Of course, we knew she wouldnt enjoy the history aspect of it. But it was fun to explain to her every time she asked 'where we going" as we were following trails through the 1 mile hike with her.

The water flowing through the cavern was supposively 98% clean. We tried it, but not Jocelyn...she just wanted to get in and swim! Of course, being that the caverns are 59 degrees year round, she would have froze!
Once we got to the end, there was a beautiful water fall.
I know you really cant see the water falling, but there was water falling and it was hard to tell where it was falling from.
This was a beautiful formation.
Makes me miss our pre-Jocelyn splunking days for sure!

Friday, September 4, 2009

First Bubble Bath

Jocelyn loved taking her first bubble bath tonight. She's definitely a girl! No doubt all us girls like taking a nice bubble bath every now and then.

Mean Face
Silly Face
Princess Smile

Snoozing with Dad

Couldnt help but capture this sweet moment. Jocelyn hasnt napped on the sofa with Jeffry since she was little bitty. It was definitely picture perfect.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Little Ballerina

Jocelyn is very much into ballet right now. I think she's just about ready for classes. She takes it very seriously even at 2. Her form is good and she's very graceful! ;-)

Her CeCe taught her how to "scoaop the ice cream".

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mommy, I put my mascara on!

Well, today Jocelyn managed to get into my makeup bag and attempted to put on my mascara. At least she new the general area in you apply it.